Birth Plan Tutorial

Birth Plan Tutorial

What is a birth plan?

A birth plan is a document that tells your medical provider your wishes for your birth.

What is on a birth plan?

Choices!  Do you want to labor then get an epidural?  Would you like a natural childbirth?  Do you want delayed cord clamping?  Do you want your water to break naturally?  Do you have a preferred pushing position? Vitamin K shot? Hepatitis B shot? When do you want the baby to get its first bath?

How do I begin to create a birth plan?

First, sit down with a pencil and paper to brainstorm what you may want or not want at your birth.

To get ideas, check out these websites:

Creating Your Birth Plan

Earth Mama’s Free Birth Plan

After brainstorming, write a clear and conscise list of preferences. It is best to have some conveyed understanding of flexibility during birth in case of medical emergency.  Show this to your doula and medical provider.  They may want to clarify your preferences to assist you better.

Is there anything else that needs to go on a Birth Vision?

In case of emergency, it can be helpful to have a Cesarean Birth preference researched and a Bereavement clause.


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